We Live in Public

I just finished watching the documentary, We Live in Public. In a way, it’s a cautionary tell about what the internet (and our lives) could become as summed up in the pic below. 


The guy (Josh Harris) whom the move revolves around led a series of projects over the past couple decades that experimented with what life would be like under the constant watch of others. The result is pretty gloomy: it turns life into reality TV. To quote Josh Harris, “The collective conscious… takes little pieces of you continuously.” It wears you down.

The movie caused me take a step back from my usual perspective as someone who thought the concern over privacy was overrated. I interpreted the concern as the consequence of having embarrassing photos on Facebook, but rather it’s what happens when you live a life as a celebrity in the sense that all your actions are under constant, public scrutiny.

What I began to realize after watching this movie is that we’re really not far away from living in front of the camera 24/7. You can see the progress starting with reconnecting with friends online at Facebook to real-time text updates with Twitter to your life in pictures on DailyBoth, the natural next stage is your life in video. Is it inevitable? What’s the solution?


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