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Vendee iPhone App

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Vendee is a fun, local sales application that allows you to find sales around you; from drink specials tonight to half-off bakery items to that dress you’ve been eyeing, Vendee saves you money.

How it works

Vendee allows both mobile phone users and store owners to post specials. All the specials are geolocated and presented to the user based on their current location.

Point System

We incentive users to participate via our point system. Every time a user post a sale, or likes/dislikes a sale, or shares a sale, etc. they are given points. And if your sale is disliked, for instance, by another user then you lose points. These points then transfer to user levels: everyone starts as a “Shoplifter,” then they progress to titles such as “Discounter,” all the way up to the most coveted title of “Vendee.” One of the future plans we are considering is giving users gift certificates to one our participating stores when they reach certain user levels.

How do we make money

We make money by charging stores for premium listings.

What is a premium store listing

We try to give stores’ their money’s worth for posting a sale with us. How? First, there listing gets highlighted in yellow in the sale list. Further, if there are similar user sales, then we embed the store sale at the top of those user sales. On the backend, we also track how many times the sale has been shown, how many times the sale has been clicked, etc. so the store can follow the success of the sale.

Status of Vendee

The app has been in the Apple App Store for about 4 months. So far, my partner on the sales side has yet to come through again to sign up stores (see Gift Registry App), but I still think the app is one of the best in it’s category. So check it out and leave feedback.