Startup Weekend #SWBay – Kahnoodle

A couple weeks ago, I went to Startup Weekend in San Francisco. If you never heard of Startup Weekend, it’s basically where you try to start a business over the course of a weekend. Our group focused on helping couples–as opposed to the multitude of’s that address singles. We saw the problem as relationships typically start off on a high note and then slowly fade over time without a concerted effort from each partner. Kahnoodle, we envisioned, would make that concerted easy and fun by understanding what each person was looking for on an ongoing basis and relaying that information to their partner. For the kicker, we would throw in game mechanics to make actions of love (or kahnoodles, as we call them) self rewarding.


We did a lot of customer research (as you can see by the video) before actually deciding on what the product should look like. So, as the only programmer in the group of 4, I didn’t get much done on the actual product. My plan was to create a really slick single page, mobile, web app with the likes of Node, Socket.IO, Jade, Backbone, and Stylus (like Sass), but I barely got started before time ran out. You can view the source on github.


But, alas, the weekend is over and the person with the original idea seems to be looking for employees–not founders. So.. on to the next “startup weekend.”

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