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Many entrepreneurs struggle with the very beginning of getting their idea off the ground: perfecting the elevator pitch, finding a co-founder, and getting funded, to name a few. So I created a little viral signup form, for when I have time to build it. 

I do have some PSDs already, if someone is interested in helping me:
Beta-Sign-Up Homepage Pitch Sign-Up View-a-Pitch Create-a-Pitch

This was one of my first experiments with Ruby on Rails and Heroku.

  1. Save your email in the database
  2. Assign you a unique url to use to invite to friends (with one-click links for Facebook and Twitter)
  3. Each friend that signs up adds to your referral count
  4. The people with higher referral counts get invited first.

Thanks to Forkly.com signup process for the idea. And if you’re wondering, I also used an open source URL shortener developed in Ruby to use with my short domain, ptch.in.

Improvements: I need to process the signup in the background so there isn’t a delay when you click “Sign Up”. Either Delayed Jobs or Resque would work great.

Update: Turns out there is a Railscast on Beta Invitations. Railscasts is a great website, by the way, for leaning Rails.

Update 2: The guy who owns Pitchedin.com contacted me to say he was working on something similar.

Update 3: Another site has a similar idea; There is a good discussion on Hacker News: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2005034

Update 4: In part due to the previous updates, I’ve decided to put this project on hold–unless someone comes along that wants to help. But I can bet you’ll see a viral signup form for my next project.

Update 5: We solve [problem] by providing [advantage], to help [target] accomplish [target’s goal]We make money by charging [customers] to get [benefit]. More good info from 500 startups blog.





3 thoughts on “Pitched.in – a startup for startups

  1. Anonymous

    Good feedback from the HackerNews link in the post:A real co-founding site would need the following features:- Last login- Date created- Skillset of the person, in particular his strongest languages (too many people are just listing a bunch of stuff)- If the person has to work on his own idea or if he is willing to work on other peoples ideas also- If the person has money or needs to be funded- Is the person working full-time or not- List of all the projects, portfolio and other things the person wants to ‘boast’ aboutAnd there should be a way to float the best potential co-founders to the top of the pool so everyone can compete for them. Flat lists like this are just not useful one bit. For such skill and talent based things, ranked lists are essential.

  2. bigfleet

    Hey, Brent– if you want to get involved in the Charlotte technology startup scene, there’s a @CLTLaunch / @CollaborateCLT joint session going down on Jan. 27 2011. You should come by!

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