Clear Desk, Clear Mind


I was just reading the article Clear Desk, Clear Mind by the fine people at Zurb, and realized my “clear desk” looks almost exactly like theirs (down to the pencil holder style). I started thinking about it for a moment and realized this concept really applies for everything. I am a minimalist. It shows in my desk. It shows in my posessions. And it shows in my web/mobile apps. When I don’t follow this minimalist mentality, such as when I have to use the bloated MyEclipse at work, as opposed to my precious TextMate, it makes my mind that much more cluttered and, as a consequence, that much more unproductive. All the little clutter adds up. Stay minimal, my people! Keep it clear.

3 thoughts on “Clear Desk, Clear Mind

  1. Anonymous

    Ha. I just relocated to San Francisco with 2 suitcases, so I think we're in the same boat. Honestly, I would probably have even less if my girlfriend didn't argue with me about throwing stuff out.

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