ChirpEcho – Text message alerts for important tweets

ChirpEcho is a “weekend project”–coded in Rails with Tropo for SMS–that will send you a text message whenever a certain twitter user of interest mentions a keyword or phrase that you don’t want to miss. You can see it in development at, and when it’s ready for production it’ll be accessible on

21310895-tweet 21310897-tweet2

Use Cases:

  • @Target says there is a “sale”
  • your friend says he is going “rock climbing”

I created it because a web entrepreneur that I follow does impromptu video interviews with other entrepreneurs, and he announces it on Twitter only a few minutes before the video interview goes live on uStream. I can’t watch my Twitter stream all day, so I really just needed to be notified when he mentions the word “live.” I figured other people may find this useful.

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