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The financing, arming, and coordination of atrocity perpetrators are too-often enabled through the activities of third parties such as multinational companies or financial institutions. And Humanity United and USAid started a tech challenge to address this problem and others related to atrocities. This is my solution…. Continue reading – plug and play home automation by talking in your iPhone

Your iPhone can do everything except your laundry, until now… This was our pitch at Startup Weekend in San Francisco this weekend, where we wired up such things as lights, fans, door opening/closing sensors, and motion detectors to demonstrate the power of home automation. See this video below for an idea. Continue reading – a better bicycle map

Check it out on your iPhone:  Now in a Github repo.

I wasn’t satisfied with the options available for on-the-go cyclists. The iPhone Google Maps doens’t have bike directions (though it may be coming in iOS 6), and the web and native apps all seem to be lacking either good directions or a good interface (or both). I typically end up pulling out a physical map when I need to find a good way to get from point A to point B in San Francisco.

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Interactive 3D Tumor

Update: The new version is viewable at (There is also an iPad app that this runs in, but it’s not available to the public..)

This is a project I was working at my current employer for about a week and a half. I’m not normally able to share my work, but given this project is being taken in a new direction (read: client didn’t like the design), I’m releasing it as an example of the kind of things I do there. It was designed for an iPad 2, but it needed to work in desktop browsers down to IE7.*

Check it out:

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Startup Weekend #SWBay – Kahnoodle

A couple weeks ago, I went to Startup Weekend in San Francisco. If you never heard of Startup Weekend, it’s basically where you try to start a business over the course of a weekend. Our group focused on helping couples–as opposed to the multitude of’s that address singles. We saw the problem as relationships typically start off on a high note and then slowly fade over time without a concerted effort from each partner. Kahnoodle, we envisioned, would make that concerted easy and fun by understanding what each person was looking for on an ongoing basis and relaying that information to their partner. For the kicker, we would throw in game mechanics to make actions of love (or kahnoodles, as we call them) self rewarding.

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ChirpEcho – Text message alerts for important tweets

ChirpEcho is a “weekend project”–coded in Rails with Tropo for SMS–that will send you a text message whenever a certain twitter user of interest mentions a keyword or phrase that you don’t want to miss. You can see it in development at, and when it’s ready for production it’ll be accessible on Continue reading

Vendee iPhone App

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Vendee is a fun, local sales application that allows you to find sales around you; from drink specials tonight to half-off bakery items to that dress you’ve been eyeing, Vendee saves you money.

How it works

Vendee allows both mobile phone users and store owners to post specials. All the specials are geolocated and presented to the user based on their current location.

Point System

We incentive users to participate via our point system. Every time a user post a sale, or likes/dislikes a sale, or shares a sale, etc. they are given points. And if your sale is disliked, for instance, by another user then you lose points. These points then transfer to user levels: everyone starts as a “Shoplifter,” then they progress to titles such as “Discounter,” all the way up to the most coveted title of “Vendee.” One of the future plans we are considering is giving users gift certificates to one our participating stores when they reach certain user levels.

How do we make money

We make money by charging stores for premium listings.

What is a premium store listing

We try to give stores’ their money’s worth for posting a sale with us. How? First, there listing gets highlighted in yellow in the sale list. Further, if there are similar user sales, then we embed the store sale at the top of those user sales. On the backend, we also track how many times the sale has been shown, how many times the sale has been clicked, etc. so the store can follow the success of the sale.

Status of Vendee

The app has been in the Apple App Store for about 4 months. So far, my partner on the sales side has yet to come through again to sign up stores (see Gift Registry App), but I still think the app is one of the best in it’s category. So check it out and leave feedback.