Monthly Archives: December 2010

Vetting a Startup

I just found a great blog post on the topic of vetting a startup.

A few takeaways:

  • It has to be more than a good idea
  • What it boils down to is are people willing to pay for the service/product.
  • In fact, have them hand over actual money
  • In may not work for the “Twitters” of the startup world
  • You’ll know that you’ll have revenue as soon as you have a working product

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Re: Framework fatigue: How many frameworks do I need to know?

I totally agree. I find myself listing frameworks and languages on my resume like advertisers use keywords to target Google searches. Yea, I’ve developed for the iPhone and have some experience with Ruby on Rails, but just because I don’t have much experience with NodeJS and Express (and they’re not on my resume) doesn’t mean I couldn’t figure it out in a short amount of time. Would you really whether hire a guy with 10 years experience using the same language or framework compared to a guy who has successfully learned multiple languages and frameworks to complete multiple projects?