5 Monkeys and a number of apples

A co-worker proposed this “little quiz” today:

There are 5 Monkeys and a number of apples. They want to divide the apples into equal shares, but all forget. They all go to sleep. In the middle of the night, the first monkey suddenly remembers, and goes and divides the apples into five equal groups. He finds out that there is an extra, and eats it. Then, he hides his share and goes to sleep. Continue reading

EndAtrocity.com – stop enablers of atrocities

The financing, arming, and coordination of atrocity perpetrators are too-often enabled through the activities of third parties such as multinational companies or financial institutions. And Humanity United and USAid started a tech challenge to address this problem and others related to atrocities. This is my solution…. Continue reading

TalkingHome.co – plug and play home automation by talking in your iPhone

Your iPhone can do everything except your laundry, until now… This was our pitch at Startup Weekend in San Francisco this weekend, where we wired up such things as lights, fans, door opening/closing sensors, and motion detectors to demonstrate the power of home automation. See this video below for an idea. Continue reading

Bike.ly – a better bicycle map

Check it out on your iPhone: bike.ly  Now in a Github repo.

I wasn’t satisfied with the options available for on-the-go cyclists. The iPhone Google Maps doens’t have bike directions (though it may be coming in iOS 6), and the web and native apps all seem to be lacking either good directions or a good interface (or both). I typically end up pulling out a physical map when I need to find a good way to get from point A to point B in San Francisco.

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Interactive 3D Tumor

Update: The new version is viewable at CarisTargetNow.com. (There is also an iPad app that this runs in, but it’s not available to the public..)

This is a project I was working at my current employer for about a week and a half. I’m not normally able to share my work, but given this project is being taken in a new direction (read: client didn’t like the design), I’m releasing it as an example of the kind of things I do there. It was designed for an iPad 2, but it needed to work in desktop browsers down to IE7.*

Check it out: http://doorty.github.com/Tumor/silhouette.html

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